Carol Stream Tent & Party Rental

Thank you so much for making my party come together. With so much to do on our annual party, I loved the way your company handled everything. You delivered and picked it up as promised. We will be using you again.

- Heather Backe

Ultimate Rental Services, Inc. provides rental tents and canopies to many different types of events in Carol Stream. The tents come in many different colors to choose from in order to give an event the look and feel that is desired. They can include solid sidewalls and back walls or have windows and doors. These tents and canopies are used for festivals, parties, weddings, corporate events and many other functions.

Frame_Tent High_Peak_Tent Pole_Tent
Canopy tent


10'x10' 15'x15' 20'x20' 30'x30' 40'x40' 60'X60'
10'x20' 15'x20' 20'x30' 30'x40' 40'x50' 60'X80'
10'x30' 15'x30' 20'x40' 30'x50' 40'x60' 60'X100'
10'x40' 15'x40' 20'x50' 30'x60' 40'x70' 60'X120'
10'x50' 15'x50' 20'x60' 30'x70' 40'x80' 60'X140'
10'x60' 15'X60' 20'x70' 30'x80' 40'x90' 60'X140'+ CALL
10'x70' 15'X70' 20'x80' 30'x90' 40'x100'  
10'x80' 15'X80' 20'x90' 30'x100' 40'x100+ CALL  
10x90' 15'X90' 20'x100' 30"X100+ CALL    
10'x100' 15'X100' 20'X100+ CALL      


These tents and canopies are very well maintained and top quality. The tents and canopies are always clean and in like new condition. We understand that when it comes to an event, it is very important to use top quality equipment. Our crews are professionals. They have years of experience setting up these systems in Carol Stream, IL 60188 which allows them to set up fast, on time and done right the first time.

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Frame Tents
Carol Stream's
most commonly used tent when it comes to any type of event. These tents do not have a center pole and they have the ability to be installed on grass, decks, cement or asphalt.

Frame_Tent_3 Frame_Tent_2 Peak_Tent_3 Frame_Tent_4

High Peak Tents
  Events of all types that want a festive look in Carol Stream commonly request a high peak. These tents can come with or without a center pole and can be installed on most surfaces.

Peak_Tent_3 Peak_Tent_4 Peak_Tent_2

Pole Tents
  Most large tent needs are accommodated with a pole tent in Carol Stream. These tents have many uses and capabilities. They can be installed on grass or asphalt.

Canopy_Tent_2 Canopy_Tent_3 Canopy_Tent_4 Pole_Tents

  Canopy Tent Rental in Carol Stream can provide a great inexpensive option for shade during a small party. They can only be installed on grass and are not recommended for long term use or undesirable weather.

Ultimate Rental Services, Inc. also offers pop-up tents and many other types of tents..

Tent Accessories


Tent Heater 80
Tent Heater 170
Versa Kool Tent Fan
Tent Cooler
Tent Heater Medium
Tent Heater Large
Tent Fan
Tent Cooler

Tent Sidewalls

Tent Heater 80
Versa Kool Tent Fan
Tent Cooler
Solid Sidewalls
Window Sidewalls
Clear Sidewalls
Tent Door

Tent Lighting

Tent Heater 80
Tent Heater 170
Versa Kool Tent Fan
Tent Cooler
Globe Lights
Twinkle Lights
4 Globe Chandelier
L.E.D. Colored Par Lights



Contact Us or Call (630) 468-2800 for Spectacular Pricing on all of our tents and to inquire about an unlisted size or style.

Thank you for choosing Ultimate Rental Services, Inc. for your Carol Stream rental needs. We look forward to assisting with your special event!